Hello guys, I became very active on Instagram these last weeks because I re-enjoy sharing what I love, what I wear and the things I discover. Plus I have now a clear space where I can easily take my outfit pics so it makes everything way more convenient. It's the reason why I decided to make this new category on my blog : sharing with you my last Instagram posts of the week.

o u t f i t   p o s t s

Basically my style is 'Wear what you want when you want' lol. I love mixing styles, prints and colors. I love feeling girly and classy, but also comfortable and boyish. It just depends on my mood. 
>> The colors of the week are kaki and white ! I LOVE kaki and I'm collecting a lot of pieces in this color. You can wear it with everything. It's the same with white, except you have to deal with the 'Not making your clothes dirty' issue.
>> My favorite outfit of the week is the one with the kaki jeans, top and heels (2nd line, 1st one) because it's effortless but classy at the same time. What's yours ??

m a k e   u p   p o s t s

In terms of make up looks of the week, the 1st pic is not really one because I have no make up on; I mean no foundation, concealer or anything in my skin, no eye make up neither, just 'Backstage' by LA Girl Cosmetics on my lips which is a gorgeous dark red liquid lipstick. I love make up but I really enjoy wearing no makeup, letting my skin breathe and not worrying about touching my face lol. 
>> My fav look of the week is the one where I wear the green top : it's my everyday make up routine and I'm very happy because I have found a routine that I really like to do. The 3 make up looks are on my Youtube channel if you're interested :
- Red lips + Winged liner (1st line, 2nd pic) : here
- Soft Brown Smockey Eyes + Glowy Skin (2nd line, 1st pic) : here
- My Everyday Make Up Tutorial ((2nd line, 2nd pic) : here

For all the details about the pieces I wear, make sure to follow me on Instagram at @KheiraHearts.

Hope you like this new category. Don't forget to tell me in the comments your favorite outfit and make up. I can't wait to show you the upcoming week's outfits and make up looks. See you next time !


3 commentaires :

  1. You have a great sense of style, I love this look from head to toe!

  2. I like the outfit with the white jeans most and the make up with the white shirt. If really you have no foundation on the 1st pic, you really got a good skin. Lucky you! I'll look for you on insta one of these days. Follow me too @wilfriiiied


  3. Pretty outfits hun.x