Hello guys, today we're going to talk about BEAUTY. I wanted to update you on my eyebrow routine but first, thank you so much to those who have commented, liked and sent me some love after my Eyebrow Tutorial video. It's my first Youtube video and I hope that I will make more in the future because I have a LOT of ideas. And if you want me to do a special type of video, do not hesitate to leave your suggestions down below.

So I wanted to do an update because it's been 8 months since the video, and some items I mentioned have changed. The method is pretty much the same but I switch up two products. First, my moisturizer : I'm currently using the Repair Lotion Extra Dry Skin (Paraben free) by Yves Rocher and I LOVE it. If you have dry to combination skin and love a thick moisturizer, I highly recommand this one. Plus I love the packaging, it's a tube so it's very convenient and it's made with shea butter so it smells very good. I've also changed my eyebrow pencil, I'm currently using the Primark Eye Liner Pencil in brown and so far I love it because it's a light brown and it gives a natural effect. All the other products mentionned in my video (and in the post related) still the same.
The moisturizer is available online and in stores but since Yves Rocher is a french brand, they only ship to metropolitain France, Monaco and Corsica (Price : 9,90€). The pencil is available in Primark stores, for 1,50€ you have a brown and a black pencil.

With Love, x

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