The Camel Coat

The first time I had a crush on this piece, it was worn by Kim K. She wears camel color so well (I should do a post on my fav outfits from her by the way). The maxi coat would definitely be a masterpiece this autumn in camel particularly, but also in grey, burgundy and pastel colors for more fun ! Here is some inspo pics of awesome girls wearing one ! Love xx

Kim's coat is from MaxMara

Pics from Tumblr

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  1. J'adore littéralement le troisième ! Je trouve la coupe et la couleur du manteau parfaites ❤ Contente de te revoir un peu par ici, by the way :) Bonne journée !

  2. J'avoue ça donne trop envie tes inspirations! Les photos sont magnifiques!!

  3. Je vois qu'on a toutes nos petites fashion obsession de la rentrée :D


  4. I love the long coat, very elegant, the color is my favorite.

  5. Beautiful post!!
    I followed u please follow me back thanks!!
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    love & hugs from Melbourne.

  6. Coucou,

    Hihi, j'adore ta sélection ! :D